Beat The Rain, a reading

I've decided to experiment with doing a few readings to camera from my first two novels, in preparation for some wider marketing and publicity for my third novel when it becomes available for pre-order next month. Honestly, I'm really nervous about doing it but really what's the worst that can happen? You either won't watch or won't like it - but some of you might. This excerpt is a character in Beat The Rain who knows they're about to die.

What good is perfection, anyway?

As it's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek I thought I'd say a few words about my 2nd novel, The Pursuit of Ordinary. The main character, Dan, has a range of mental health diagnoses, starting with bulimia through to (but not limited to) depersonalisation disorder. This is all before he begins hearing a voice - Joe - in his head. In short, he has *a lot* going on.

The Pursuit of Ordinary a finalist in The People’s Book Prize

The Pursuit of Ordinary a finalist in The People’s Book Prize Writing is full of ups and downs, confidence and self-doubt. If you ever want to see a writer embarrassing himself by publishing a blog article while in the ‘low, I’m […]

Write for the love of writing

Write for the love of writing I’m such a dick. I barely wrote a word in 2018 and I’ve just looked at my website and realised I also haven’t written a blog article since May 2018 and even that was […]

Stop making excuses, you have got time

Ever since I was a boy, I’ve dreamed of being a novelist. I ground my parents down until they bought me an electric typewriter when I was about 11 years old so I could write a rip off Hardy Boys […]
monochrome face

Madness, normality, reality

Madness, normality, reality Excerpt, The Pursuit of Ordinary ‘Joe says he feels like a deadheaded plant,’ Dan said to Natalie last week, a light smile on his face. ‘Like his head has been chopped off and mine has grown back […]