Should you include the end of your novel in Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature?

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"The epilogue is included in Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature for Beat The Rain and I'm not sure how I feel about it."

Should you include the end of your novel in Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature?

My publisher has added the ‘Look Inside’ feature for Beat The Rain on Amazon, which is fantastic. But included in this is the epilogue of the novel.

Now, I think I’m okay with this – but I’m interested to know your thoughts as readers because it does give away something major.

Beat The Rain’s narrative is punctuated with the future thoughts of a main character as they fall to their death (this isn’t a spoiler, you learn this early on in the book). But you don’t learn which character is dying until the end. Including the epilogue in the ‘Look Inside’ feature gives this away.

I’m the kind of reader who reads the last page first anyway, so I don’t really mind – and as the author, the epilogue is one of my favourite pages.

But I’m interested to know what readers think – enticing or spoiler?

Would it put you off buying or encourage you?

Beat The Rain on Amazon and at Waterstones

Beat The Rain is published by Roundfire Books and will be available in bookstores on 29 July 2016.

The novel is available to pre-order now from Amazon and Waterstones.

You can also preview the spoiler/non-spoiler (depending on your perspective) Look Inside pages – follow the links below.

Buy from

Buy from

Buy from Waterstones

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